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Ewan Somerville is a 17 year-old freelance student journalist, currently living in Devon, England, and aspiring to pursue a career reporting nationally and across the globe for the world’s leading news outlets. He has a great passion for current affairs, and has a wealth of transferable skills, enabling him to communicate effectively to different audiences.

He continues to build on his journalistic experience, and is pro-active in coupling political blogging, broadcasting and writing for local newspapers with his History, geography and English-Literature A-Level studies.


  • Summer 2016 -Work Experience with CNN International PR team in London, exploring how they publicise CNN content and arrange for CNN journalists to appear in interviews, conferences etc.
  • Summer 2016 – Work Experience at Turner Broadcasting System, working across the operation from Technology & Operations, compliance, channel scheduling and presentation and dubbing guidelines with brands such as Cartoon Network (CN), Boomerang, Turner Classic Movies and TrueTV.
  • Summer 2016 – Work Experience at BBC Radio 4 World At One programme, shadowing presenter Shaun Ley and his production team as they create a 45 minute flagship current affairs programme from scratch, working alongside Shaun in writing scripts, and in the gallery with the Studio Director during the show. Shaun also gave Ewan a tour of the BBC’s news operation, when he met News Channel presenters Jane Hill and Nicholas Owen.
  • Feb, July 2016 – Work Experience at ITV Westcountry News, shadowing correspondents as they report in the field and then edit the rushes together into packages for broadcast.
  • Feb 2014, July 2015, July 2016 – Intern at the North Devon Gazette, an award-winning local newspaper, an ongoing experience that sees Ewan investigating and writing reports for print and online, and learning of the editorial process.
  • March 2014 – Intern at North Devon Moving Image, which saw Ewan plan, co-produce and co-direct a short film about a local radio station.
Ewan in the studio at CNN International’s London bureau

Ewan is also a Young Voices blogger for the Huffington Post, and blogs for student magazine The Indiependent, a website providing a platform for aspiring journalists to write about subjects such as music, films, politics, current affairs. He has also been elected by hundreds of students as Communications Officer for Petroc Student Union, a role which sees him constantly develop strategies to communicate with young people, and the wider community – a fundamental skill in journalism. He also reports freelance for local radio station The Voice.


View his portfolio here